We all want to be hard working, productive, and effective. Whether you are an employee, an individual, an executive, or a high risk professional, the stresses that are all around you are real and dangerous.  If left unchecked, these same stresses can at best cripple productivity and at worst kill you.  What are you doing to manage your stress at work and at home? If the answer is nothing, then you are needlessly becoming less effective, your company is losing money through turnover increases and lost productivity, and you are less happy.  Do you want to live a more fulfilled life personally and professionally?  Do you want to gain life changing skills that will make you more effective, creative, and stress tolerant?  


Human Performance Consulting can help!

Through HPC training you and your employees can learn how to become more productive than ever by gaining control over the inventible stress in their lives. 

HPC is for:


Your organization suffers when even a single employee fails to perform to the best of their ability. Mishaps occur. Deadlines are missed. Clients are lost. People get hurt. Workers quit and move on to another company. If you are like most organizations, you may have spent money and time in consulting and training support to cure the problem. If so, you are probably still looking for a cure.


Human Performance Consulting LLC (HPC) has a unique and effective solution. Based on scientific research; we determined that most training programs attack only a single component of performance. Our program attacks the problem of degraded performance along the four pillars of human life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. We are a resilience program that is unmatched in the industry because of its holistic approach and hands on methodology. 

Our in-person and online programs focus on improving individual, group and organizational resilience by teaching a concept called: Mission Based Resilience. Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from stress induced adversity in an effective and productive manner! 

We work from the individual level all the way up through the team and ultimately to the organizational level to deliver human performance, process, and team improvements that will help organizations thrive in a competitive environment.  


The HPC team is comprised of former Navy SEALs, former Military Fighter PilotsFirst ResponderOperators, Medical Doctors, Exercise Physiologists, and Industrial Organizational Psychologists.