HPC Mission Based Resilience™ Online Training

Mission Based Resilience is the glue that holds all of HPC’s programs together.  A stand alone program by itself, the Mission Based Resilience Online Program offers our customers continuous “virtual” engagement in the form of daily resilience videos, engaging blog articles, diverse forums, and much more.  Work through the Mission Based Resilience Training Guide (available now in our store) and get all the information you need to improve your performance the way it should be improved: from the inside out and not with some short-lived, superficial, and skin deep program. 


HPC Individual Skills Training

Introduction to Mission Based Resilience

Face to Face 2 Day (20 hour) Course that introduces students to the 4 pillars of human performance: physical resilience, mental resilience, emotional resilience, and spiritual resilience. Other topics include stress, cognitive restructuring, and individual mission development across all of the 4 resilience pillars.  This 2 day classroom session is a seminar style course with practical exercises to reinforce all learning objectives.  

Functional Movement Screening and Advanced Physical Resilience Training

16 hour advanced physical resilience movement techniques (teaching techniques of all HPC exercises) and personalized Functional Movement Screening that identifies movement inadequacies and prescribes corrective measures to regain movement, flexibility, and strength.


HPC Team Skills Training

The 24 Hour Mission Based Resilience Team Exercise

2 teams of 5 will conduct 5 separate Special Forces flavored missions over a 24 hour period.  Team leaders will alternate and teams will compete against each other.  Members will learn to work together under stress and will be responsible for mission briefs, execution of missions, and debriefings after mission completion.  All equipment, food, transportation, lodging, and team equipment will be provided.


HPC Leadership Skills Training

Leading with Resilience

A two day course that blends classroom leadership seminars with leadership building activities.  Activities build throughout the two days to culminate with an outdoor evolution that will test leaders and teams together.  Classes are limited to 40 personnel.  Classroom seminars emphasize real world leadership situations as case studies for discussion. Topics include Leadership by Example, Empathetic Intelligence, Doing the Right Thing, and Never Quitting on your team or yourself.  Leaders learn first hand how to tactically plan for any situation using the rapid planning process.  Leaders develop, with direct guidance from our instructors,  their "Leadership Mission," which is a tailored leadership plan to suit their individual needs.


HPC Individual Coaching

Our embedded coaches provide services using state of the art equipment designed to enhance your individual performance as well as your organization's bottom line. By harnessing the power of heart rate variability, advanced Electroencephalography, and visualization, we have designed an immersive environment that can train individuals to better perform under the most stressful situations.  Also, our use of Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning Training will harness the power of your emotions to not only enhance your performance but achieve better control of your stress reaction.


HPC Team Coaching

We provide embedded coaches with your team for continuous face to face engagement.  HPC is well versed in many industrial disciplines, from high risk professionals to complex business enterprises.  HPC resilience coaches are standing by to come tune up your team on your site.  We use all the principles outlined on this website to render a solution that is tailored and modified to suit your requirements.  


HPC Leadership Coaching

Precision leadership requires skill, discipline, and experience.  We combine our countless years of Special Forces and First Responder experience with academic leadership excellence to render a custom designed program for your executive team.  HPC leadership consultants are standing by to provide a continuous coaching presence in your business; from face to face programs to over the phone, HPC believes that every customer deserves continuous engagement in order to become a more effective and emotionally intelligent leader.