Professionalism, Selflessness, Commitment, Knowledge, and Friendship. These are just a few words that come to mind when I look at my ongoing experience with Ed Naggiar and HPC.
I began my journey with HPC in 2012 when I was referred by a mutual friend. I was looking for a specific kind of training. I needed someone who could relate to and understand the mission I had set for myself. Physical training was an absolute, but the least important of the 4 disciplines for me at the time, that HPC teaches and lives by. HPC teaches that you need Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual training to truly be at the top of your game.
Dr. Naggiar realized how important this journey was to me and spent countless hours preparing me for what was the biggest professional challenge of my career. It wasn’t the pull ups or the push-ups, the planks or the pool that fully prepared me. It was everything that goes on in between. The physical stress was an avenue that was used to prepare me mentally and emotionally, how to use your mind to push farther than any physical conditioning could take me.
The experience and knowledge that I gained from the HPC team goes so much further than just learning a few necessary things to get through a couple challenging courses. I continue to learn and understand things that make us more resilient to ALL aspects of our lives like raising a family, organization skills, and expanding our boundaries by setting goals that are outside our comfort zone.
Whether you’re in the military, a first responder, or a stay at home mother, HPC can influence your life in a positive way and set you on track to conquer your fears and help guide you to see your goals become reality!

— Kevin Lolley Panama City Fire Dept. (Lt.) Georgia Smoke Diver #900 Georgia FLAMES #188
Incredible 2 days being tested and learning from the crew at HPC. During this short period of time, I was able to gain life changing knowledge that made me look deeper into my purpose in life. Stress coping, resilience (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), tips for deeper sleep, the values of nutrition, KIM exercises, and cognitive restructuring. To date, I could not recommend a course that touches on all aspects of life. This course is for any individual and every organization.
”Lean into it”
— Jacob Gorman, Fire Fighter Panama City Beach, FL
Mission based resiliency training has had a real impact in the personal and professional lives of our command personnel. We are excited about expanding this program and making it a way of life at the Bay County Sheriffs Office. As we have made strides in improving the fitness of our workforce, we have seen a tangible benefit in gaining control of health insurance premiums and preparing deputies to respond more effectively to the physical and mental demands that are placed on them every day.
— Major Tommy Ford, Bay County Sheriff's Office
It is right along the lines with everything that we see and do everyday. The stress that we have, that we think; nobody understands...
— Sheriff Frank McKeithen, Sheriff of Bay County, Florida
Dr Ed Naggiar’s Mission Based Resilience Resilience Training program has personally changed my outlook on stress and how to handle it. As Correctional Officers working in the prison system, we are at the pinnacle when it comes to stress levels. Ed’s system gives you a logical and systematic process to apply to any stressor you might encounter, and develop a plan to manage or relieve it. In addition to that, his system actually teaches you ways to make yourself less susceptible to the very same stress/stressor you had previously allowed to affect you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
— Charles Cromer, Correctional Officer
At 258 lbs I had finally decided enough was enough. Over a big greasy breakfast of pancakes, omelettes, bacon and sausage the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s, 2009 I made a statement to my family that I was going to lose at least 20 pounds by Spring. I knew if as my children’s father I made such a promise I needed to keep it. By March I had lost over 25 lbs and was feeling pretty good but got stuck in a plateau. That is when a group of guys doing HPC Physical Resilience invited me to join them one early Monday morning. It was the hardest introduction to an exercise program I had ever experienced. Who does planks for 10 minutes straight?
But something inside of me said to try and stick with it. My “mess” or training partners were encouraging, motivating and helpful with technique from day one. I am proud to say that I lost a total of 48 pounds between January and July 2009 and have not only kept it off but am stronger, mentally and physically than any other time in my life. HPC is the best “inside out” program that I have ever read or heard about.
— David Alexander, CEO and Founder, Baysource Global, Tampa, Florida
I know it seems kind of trite, but it’s true. At 39, I was a 240 pound fat guy with two little girls. I made a commitment NOT to be a fat 50 year old with teenagers. I started dieting and exercising and took off the weight. It was not until I started with Ed, however, that I really figured out what it means to be fit. We started six years ago with boot camp style classes at our club gym, graduated to a KB program at the Y tennis courts, and that morphed into what is now the Phalanx Mindset. While my weight fluctuates between 200 and 205 (I do not have that Spartan eating and drinking discipline), I am stronger, fitter, and less prone to injuries than any time in my life - including my teens. You can check out the videos and my test results - that’s a near 50 year old with an artificial hip doing that stuff. Ed’s program is a life changer, but you must be disciplined and aggressive if it is going to work for you. There are no miracles here - just a well balanced, well planned, HARD way of exercising and living that will pay off for the rest of your life. Lean into it.
— Matt Young: Managing Director, Mangrove Equity Partners, Tampa, Florida
I’m Tim Brock with Brock Lawn and Pest Control, President and Owner. I’m a third generation pest control operator. Obviously, we are required by law to do a lot of training, a lot of technical style training. After I met Ed Naggiar, we wanted to do some more detailed training, we wanted to do team skills. But through HPC’s help, we figured out that we could not do team skills training until we did individual skills training. That’s when we decided to go through the Phalanx Mindset Training. We feel like our team members go a lot out of it. Through some personal interviews we have learned that they got a lot out of it. And we hope to continue training with HPC. Consequently since the training, and we don’t attribute it all to the training, we have had the largest month we have ever had. So, we are excited about that and I think that our team and individual training has had a lot to do with that.
— Tim Brock, President and Owner Brock Lawn and Pest Control

Our clients are more than clients.  They are team members.  HPC has a dedication and professionalism forged from years of special forces and high risk professional training.  


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