Navy SEALs are the most resilient combat fighting force in the world.  It is well known in the SEAL community that success in training is 90% mental. And, once operators go into combat, the mental aspects of their trade are even more critical. Have you ever wondered what attributes a person must have to thrive in and lead as a SEAL?
We developed our Mission Based Resilience™ program to provide counter measures to a concept that is so dangerous and insidious that it is responsible for much damage to our human population: stress. The program entails a four-pronged approach to developing a concept know as resilience. Resilience is the learned ability to actively bounce back and recover effectively from a threat or stressor. The threat can be from the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual dimensions. That is why we build resilience across these 4 dimensions. It is essential to break apart the four dimensions and give granularity to the concept of Mission Based Resilience. Only then, when we have developed a four dimensional approach (what we call the “inside out approach”), can we effectively face our threats and thrive in a world filled with both physical and psychological stress. Each resilience starts with mission development, where quantifiable missions are developed and coupled with tasks/execution lists and finally surrounded by disciplinary facets to ensure compliance and adherence to the mission.