Take it to the Limit (one more time).

One of my favorite Eagles songs has a pretty incredible message associated with it.  Take it to the limit.  If you are a student of Mission Based Resilience, you truly know what this means.  Taking it to the limit means setting goals that are just beyond your reach, and then developing a plan to attain those goals complete with quantifiable mini goals and the accountability needed to keep you on the right track (a swim buddy).  The key is not to set a goal that is completely out of your reach and unattainable, while at the same time not selling yourself too short and wallowing in your own mediocrity.  Having individuals around you that are keeping you in check helps; however, in the absence of that, you should develop your own self discipline (driven by your personal creed) to get the job done.  

When new individuals want to learn how to paddle board,  I encourage them to push themselves (with their balance) until they fall.  I celebrate the fact that they fall and congratulate them for it! Only when you fall, will you know exactly how far to push yourself.  If you never fall off the board, you will never know how far to push yourself and you will always strive for a mediocre pace.  Pushing yourself and taking it to your limit (and beyond) should be your resilient battle cry.

Learning occurs in failing, but not in quitting.  We all learn by failing.  The way to stop learning is either quitting or setting our goals so low that we attain them too easily or without any kind of struggle.  Resilience is built upon bouts of struggle coupled with periods of recovery.  Taking it to the limit involves realistically pushing yourself (your swim buddy can help you to have clarity in this) but having periods of rest and recovery.  The key is not to dwell too long in either rest or recovery or pushing yourself to the limit.  

This week, look at your goals.  Are they attainable?  Are they too easy?  Try and find a balance so that you can push yourself to the limit (and just beyond) and not get frustrated by a goal that is just too difficult.  The only one who can honestly make this assessment is you.  Don't cheat yourself.  Remember that your own resilience is counting on you finding that correct balance between taking it to the limit and resting.

"Lean into it!"

Dr. N

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