Emotional Intelligence: How Do You Measure Up?

This week we focus our attention on the concept of Emotional Intelligence.  Even if you have heard of this concept, it’s always a great idea to refocus our attention on this important concept.  Emotional Intelligence can be broken down into 5 elements; self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.  Self Awareness is a form of “self empathy”, where you take a critical look at yourself and determine how your behavior may or may not affect others.  Self Regulation, we keep our emotions in check and keep our impulses under control, especially when we want to lash out at others.   Motivation involves our ability to follow through with whatever mission we have been tasked with or finding the “why” again in the mission that we are currently undertaking.  Empathy is the ability to feel what others are feeling and even apply the Golden Rule in leading by example.  Having social skills is self explanatory, but individuals with these skills are great at motivating others and keeping their team driving in one, effective direction.  Please read the article here for more details on these explanations.  After you have read the article, identify your top 5 Emotional Intelligence strengths and weaknesses.  What specific steps are you going to take to eliminate your weaknesses?  Feel free to join us in our discussion on this topic (and more) on our forum here.