Quitting is not an option...or is it?

This week I want to focus our attention on quitting. I remember reading a saying in a gymnastics training center “you are not finished when you fail, you are finished when you quit!” This saying resonated so much with me that I think about it almost everyday, especially when I train really hard and quitting enters my mind. I think it is a normal reaction to think about quitting. Acting on it, however, is where we separate success from failure. When you quit, you are done. However, are there any instances in your life when you did quit something and that was OK? Being resilient may mean quitting things that are damaging to your body. Quitting drugs, for example, is a good thing. How do you differentiate the good quitting from the bad quitting? Perhaps you should think about not starting something unless you are nearly 100% certain that you can devout your energy and attention towards that something? Let's discuss some of the pros and cons of quitting this week.  Join us this week for a discussion on quitting here:  http://www.hpconsulting.pro/forum/.

"Lean into it!"

Ed Naggiar