Something New

Every once and a while I get a moment of brilliance (forgive me for my lack of humility) and I want to share with you something that happened yesterday.  I often post on twitter or in these blogs to try new things.  Well yesterday I actually practiced what I preach and developed a new workout called "The Triangle".  The last time a moment of brilliance like this one happened to me was 20 years ago when I developed the pyramid stack.  Both workouts have something in common: they were improvised and were developed in conjunction with a person that I was working out with.  Trying new things is something that we should all strive to do.  Not only strive to do, but actually make it a daily goal.  You see, not only is it good for our neurological connections to try something new (new pathways are developed when learn new things) but it makes our lives less boring.  Remember that you only live once and in the immortal words of Tom Hanks at the end of Saving Private Ryan: "Earn this!"

Earning it means trying new things and really bringing value and meaning to your life.  In other words, when you go for a walk with your kids or even by yourself, really take in everything around you.  The birds, the sky, the smells,  your kids frolicking in the grass; all these things are important.  What is equally important is not to get calcified with the same old routine: work, play, reading, food, etc.  

Now back to the "The Triangle Workout".  This is a non-stop, quick, and challenging workout with 4 exercises.  The three points of the triangle have lower body exercises and the center of the triangle has, of course, pull ups (one of the best upper/total body exercises in the world).  So here is how it works.  You start at pullups (the center of the triangle) with 6 reps, then move to the leg presses or squats (one of the points of the triangle) for 10 reps.  Back to the pull ups for 6 reps.  Go to the leg curls (or Romanian Dead Lifts) for 10 reps.  Back to the pull ups for 6 reps.  Then the calve raises for 10 reps.  You repeat the entire circuit with absolutely no rest 6 times.  That gives you over 100 pull ups and 6 sets of all the lower body exercises that you choose.  The key to this workout is not to stop.  The change from lower to upper body allows you the necessary rest while working either your upper or lower body.  You can, of course, increase the pull ups as you choose but start with 6 and let me know how you feel. 108 is a good volume to start with on the pull ups.

So there you have it.  Try something new today (other than your workouts) but, as you know, the workouts are the foundation from which all other mind and spiritual components flow from.  I know I might be getting a little out there on this one, but the mind, body, spirit connection is very important and real!