Sometimes the biggest lessons can be learned from the least obvious places.  We all have people that we look up to for guidance and direction.  In my life, I have had the privilege and blessing of loving parents, teachers, and other influential people to guide me in my quest for purpose and meaning. This week I would like to share with you a revelation that I recently had about my dog, Edou.

In case you don’t know my dog, he is an 11 year old Great Pyrenees. Edou is one of the greatest dogs that I have known.  We have had him since he was 10 weeks old, and is living proof that exercise, great diet, mental stimulation along with a purpose can go a very long way.  

Edou is part of the Human Performance Plan.  I walk him three miles everyday.  Rain or shine, cold or hot, hurricane winds or dead get the picture. 

The most important characteristic to learn from my dog would have to be perseverance.  A couple of month’s ago, Edou almost had to get his toes amputated from a really bad infection in his foot.  Walking 3 miles a day, I did not even detect a problem until a visit to the groomers revealed that he was in fact seriously injured.  Other dogs, or humans for that matter, would have shown signs of trouble: visible limps, complaining, etc.  This dog did not even so much as skip a beat in what may have cost him his toes, or worse.  

Perseverance is not something that we are born with, it is learned and taught and must be practiced.  We are inherently lazy as humans.  Perseverance is one of the essential keys to success in any endeavor.  It is the essence of not quitting and we are taught at an early age to “do our best” and “don’t give up”.  But what about dogs?  I truly believe that Edou will persevere all the way to the bitter end.  I have no doubt that he will.  He takes life like a mission, protecting his “flock” every day and going out on patrol with his best friend, me.  If I am getting sentimental I don’t mean to be.  I only want to point out that my dog is an inspiration to me and can be to us all.  A true warrior in every sense of the word, he does not give up and is always ready for action, no matter the time of day or night.  I also will leave you with this: at the end of the day, one should walk a dog, even if one does not have one...

Ed Naggiar