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MBRAT July 5th 2014

If you are going to be in Panama City July 4th weekend, or if you want to get a quick indoctrination to our program, or have finally decided to join our team, July 5th is the day to do it.  For three hours you will go through an accelerated version of our 2 day course and walk away with the ground rules to begin a life of Mission Based Resilience.  The class also allows you (if you are invited back) to join our weekly ranks to conduct our sustainment training.  Sign up today in our store under MBRAT to reserve your spot.  

United States Military Special Operations Forces must complete some of the toughest training programs found in the world today. It is well known in the Special Operations community that success in training is 90% mental. And, once operators become operational, the mental aspects of their trade are even more critical. Have you ever wondered what attributes a person must have to thrive in and lead in Special Operations? This training is appropriate for all ability levels and demographics; as long as you have a burning desire to perform at your best! During this training, clients will acquire the basic knowledge and skills to actively participate in Mission Based Resilience Training, offered on a weekly basis in your local area. In the training, you and the instructors will focus on the four pillars of HPC resilience: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. The instruction will include proven trade secrets used by elite Special Forces personnel to perform optimally under the most difficult conditions, combined with academically proven physiological and psychological techniques used to make you more resilient. In addition, attendees will learn how to apply lessons learned and adopt ways of reaching optimum effectiveness both personally and professionally by developing individualized, specific missions. We are confident that this training will not only deliver something you have never had before, but will also help you positively change your life and make you more productive and stress resilient! Time: 3 hours. Price: $300