Mission Based Resilience is the way we lead ourselves through life to achieve excellence.  It is a way that we inspire ourselves and others to achieve great things in the face of adversity and stress.  It is a way of life that transcends who we are and what we do.  It gets to the root question of the "why" in our life, by taking a critical look at all four of our dimensions as humans.  Mission Based Resilience by default produces effective leaders.  

Mission Based Resilience is a phylosophy taken from U.S. Navy SEALs to reflect precision leadership, unrelenting discipline, knowledge of self, your team, and your enemy (competition), spiritual direction and stability, and physical abilities beyond compare. By taking control of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience, we help create a worthwhile, disciplined, organized, focused, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, and inspiring individual.

An individual who masters the 4 dimensions of Mission Based Resilience™ becomes a great leader that others will want to follow willingly. Furthermore, training your companies employees in Mission Based Resilience will make them easier to lead, because they will be in control when the going gets tough. In conclusion, the proper application of Mission Based Resilience is the manifestation of effective leadership.

Because after all, if one cannot lead oneself, how does one expect to lead other people?


Instructions for the Mission Based Resilience Online Program

Step 1: Sign up to this website.  Choose which level of engagement you require: (bronze, gold, or platinum).

Step 2: Read blog articles and check out our video gallery.

Step 3: Download Mission Based Resilience Training Guide and start thinking about your physical resilience Training Plan.

Step 4: Gold Members and above can start watching the resilience videos for your daily prescription (you will be receiving daily updates when the video goes live).

Step 5: Start keeping a journal of your daily activiites in one column and how you feel (engagement) in another column.